Fishing as an Art

Fishing is usually perceived as a physical activity that helps people pass time. Some people have
grown fonder of fishing that they made it their career. Fishing involves science with the techniques and strategies that come with it, like for example spending hours in the fishing store choosing the best catfish reelfishing-as-an-art_01.

However, have you ever thought of fishing as an art? Although it may not directly seem like an art, it can be qualified as one.

Arts is defined as the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination. Considering the wildlife, the scenery, the water, the lures, rods and reels, and the movement of casting, fishing gives us the freedom to apply both our skill and imagination in a creative sense. The emotion itself is a strong indicator of art. The kind of feeling passionate fishers has while doing the act is a result of their artistic expression of their love and enjoyment while delightfully stuck in the whole experience. As much as the passion, the imagery also excites them just as much. Fishing can set the mood and the creative mode of people who choose to enjoy it. Art goes beyond the visual experience and impact. It also strongly transpires from the sensation felt while doing something you are so passionate about.

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