Anne-Catherine Becker-Echivard Makes Art Out of Fish Heads

“Making the most out of everything” – the art that Anne-Catherine Becker-Echivard creates perfectly revolves around that saying.  An artist by heart, Anne-Catherine uses fresh fish heads to create her masterpieces. The so-called “Fish-head Art” is composed of decapitated fish heads placed on top of doll-like bodies whilst recreating miniature scenes. As the concept of playing dress-up with your pets and having them pose has been around, fish-head art certainly is a fresh (pun intended) take on art.

fish-head-art_01Anne-Catherine’s masterpieces sometimes take about a month to complete a single one. The art focuses on so much detail that she has to do a lot of work into the creation of her set, backgrounds, and props. She works in her flat in Germany, but she gets her supply of fish locally. As soon as she gets her fish, she takes the decapitated heads and places them as the main subject of her masterpieces while the rest of the fishes’ bodies are cooked directly in the kitchen. But being true to the saying of “making the most out of everything”, Anne-Catherine cooks the fish heads after each masterpiece has finished, so nothing is wasted.

Anne-Catherine’s affinity with her art comes from an unusual childhood. Contrary to what she uses now, she was not fond of playing with dolls as a child. She did have a strong interest in animals, so strong that it had transcended the barrier of life itself. She was fond of playing with animals, both living and the dead. She had kept rats as pets, and dressed them up with clothes that her mother made. Just like a good majority of girls, she still did like to play dress-up. Her interest with fish was brought up when she took an apprenticeship in fishing alongside Normandy fishermen. It was after that apprenticeship that she started playing with the fish, and incorporating them into “dress-up” time.

fish-head-art_02The masterpieces that Anne-Catherine creates revolve around her “fish-head dolls” recreating scenes of everyday human life. She would create props and sets that would portray an assembly line of workers, scientists observing fish as a specimen, surgeons currently engaged in an operation, fancy characters in TV interviews, and so much more. Her work reflects the social and political issues experience in the world, with an added sense of humor. While her art may be considered bizarre to some, it opens up the eyes of many towards the unending imagination and creativity of the Human mind.

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