As an aspiring artist with a flow of a passion for the sea, Tracy Martin loves creating marine-related art and sharing it with her loved ones. She is mainly drawn towards art featuring sea creatures, with a focus on fish-head art. The so-called “fish-head art” is a new take on anthropomorphism, which is the attribution of human traits onto animals or objects.

The art revolves around the depiction of fish experiencing different activities that humans would do. As the art involves the use of fish heads (hence the name) on creatively made human bodies, the scale of the materials and props used all fit to the size of the fish head. For instance, portraits could include a “fish-human” undergoing surgery. That portrait would include fish heads being attached to doll-like bodies, and the bodies would be set up as if they were doing the operation. Others would be reconstructed in such a way that they would look like two people on a date, or on the checkout counter of a grocery store. The art itself takes a lot of time to set up and is known to be quite complicated, with some of the portraits taking up to months at a time to recreate. The art style itself pays attention to so many details, as well as the effort of keeping those fish heads on top of the doll-like bodies. While it is a very unusual medium to use, it has definitely caught the eye of many art enthusiasts.

This just goes to show that the human imagination knows no bounds. It is amazing how art can be found even everyday things that we consider as waste. Fish head is known to be the least used part of the fish in cooking, but for artists to use it to create something bizarre-looking; yet equally beautiful is definitely a sight to behold.